D3 and K2

I like this D3 because it is in Olive oil instead of in a seed oil like soy, sunflower, etc…
I am taking 10,000 IU’s a day which is 1/4 milligram because I am deficient in D and want to bring it up. When I get it up to 60 ng/dl I will probably just take 5,000 a day to maintain my level. Before starting you should get your D tested to see where you are. The Hydroxy 25 test is the one you want. See the videos below about Vitamin D levels and breast cancer patients.


I always take k2 with my D3. I take one of each.

(10,000IU’s D3 100mcg K) Vitamin D increases calcium absorption. K2 makes sure that calcium goes to your bones or teeth instead of lining your arteries or making kidney stones. It is a calcium transport molecule.




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