D3 and K2

Firstly… you should get your D level tested to see where you are. The Hydroxy 25 test is the one you want. It is expressed in ng/mL. To translate into nmol/L multiply by 2.5 i.e.  20ng/mL == 50 nmol/L

This one is in Olive oil instead of in a seed oil like soy, sunflower, etc…
Taking 10,000 IU’s a day 1/4 milligram. When I get it up to 50 ng/dl I just take 5,000 a day to maintain my level. See the videos below about Vitamin D levels and breast cancer patients.





I always take k2 with my D3 to prevent the hypercalcemia that can occur from increased absorption of Calcium and other minerals that rarely occurs with large doses for long periods of time. Again… get a test and know your actual number.

(10,000IU’s D3 100mcg K) Vitamin D increases calcium absorption. K2 makes sure that calcium goes to your bones or teeth instead of lining your arteries or making kidney stones. It is a calcium transport molecule.




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